After the previous Hot Plate Holder GWP promotion, Lea & Perrins has again made another appealing on-pack promotion. This time, every bottle of sauce comes with a full set of measuring spoons.

Lea & Perrins Promo Measuring Spoons

Customers would never go wrong with the amount of sauce when preparing dishes with this handy measuring tool.  Six different spoon sizes are available, so this makes the promo suitable for any recipe used.

Color of promo spoons matches packaging of sauce so that customers quickly relate to the brand upon every usage. Made of durable material, this gift adds value to the entire promo.

Often neglected, such kitchen accessories are actually very effective promo gifts for food brands.

To prevent customers from forgetting the brand after consuming the food product, many brands like to give away promotional kitchen accessories. Great for long-term usage, suitable for frequent use in kitchen. The brand can promote itself long after purchase,  whenever it is being used or seen.

Lea & Perrins Promo

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