As you can tell by the great number of articles on this theme on our blog, bottle coats and holders are the latest marketing in the drinks industry this year. Pommery, the famous French champagne brand is no beginner is this domain. Being a luxury brand though they do no opt for your basic bottle coat to dress their champagne. Following their recent collaboration with Chilean artist Federica Matta, here is their latest creation : a champagne holder designed by Indian fashion creator Manish Arora.

Promotional Packaging by Manish Arora for Pommery

Known for her colorful and kitschy creations, Arora designed a multicolor sheath with gold heart motifs for the French Champagne maker. This luxurious gift on purchase is not only highly attractive but also very useful for keeping ones bottle chilled on the way to parties!

As I said Pommery is not the only brand to be using special packaging to promote their brand. Check out other brand’s ideas here :