Pommery, one of the oldest and most prestigious Champagne brands, is actively participating in the bottle coat packaging trend ongoing in most European countries. Like many other drink brands (Eristoff, Get 27, Mouton Cadet etc.), Pommery is promoting its brand via special bottle coat packaging. Of course being a more luxurious brand it has chosen to have its bottle coats designed by famous artists.

Isotherm jacket for Champagne bottle designed by Federica Matta for Pommery

For example, I couldn’t help noticing this attractive bottle coat designed by the Chilean Federica Matta sold in most French supermarkets and wineries. Matta takes her inspiration from the mythologies the countries she has passed through and creates a dreamlike universe filled with the colours and landscapes of Latin America.

There are three designs available :

  • ‘Heart’
  • ‘Moon’
  • ‘Mermaid’

Pommery Isotherm jacket designed by Federica Matta : "Moon" model

These exclusive Isotherm jackets not only look great but are also perfect for keeping chilled Champagne at a cool drinking temperature. They are the ideal party gift!

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