Rudy Project is currently holding a promotion at Philippines Duty Free Store. Customers can get these items when they reach or exceed the minimum spending amounts.

Rudy Project Promotion

The promo gifts are of high quality which adds value to the promotion, attracting attention. Items include Gadget Case, 4 Function Items Compass and Rudy Project Move Eye Wear.

Gadget Case, a multi-purpose tool. Extremely handy and convenient for adventurers. Use it to carry traveling/ hiking essentials and attach it to wherever you want, be it bag or belt. The yellow brand logo contrast very well with the black background, providing high visibility.

4 Function Items Compass is a compass, whistle, thermometer and magnifying lens. Made of durable plastic, suitable for outdoor activities and for long term usage. With the key hook, it makes it easier to carry around, creating free advertisements whenever seen.

Having the brand’s own Eye Wear as promo gift is another way of creating hype for promotion. Not only appealing to existing customers, it is also an incentive for new customers to make purchase.

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