Freight Industry promos

Freight Industry promos

Shipping merchandise is very popular amongst our clients and we strive to continually bring new and innovative giveaways to the market.

With the likes of Maersk and Toll heavily utilizing promotional shipping merchandise, many others are jumping on board the promotional bandwagon.

Collectible Trucks with multiple functions like this one here with clock function are from the exhibition at the HK toy & Games show.  Available in small medium and large truck sizes with standard colours

Designed to look like freight/container truck these next shipping merchandise ideas are a very suitable promotional product for freight industry as desktop display or premium giveaways for their clients or internal use.

The Name card Holder makes for a great Desktop item, constantly in your clients reach and so useful for keeping all their contacts.

Wide Selection of Shipping merchandise

In fact, we have a fill range of promotional items with so many functional uses

  • Brush – wipe dust from keyboard
  • Magnetic – for paper clips
  • Logo projector
  • Clock function – Time
  • Name card holder
  • Stationery holder
  • Stamp – can be customize with messages or logo
shipping merchandise

shipping merchandise

Lets not forget that these trucks have large branding space on all sides of the trailer & even the head of the truck; simple and clear for any logo to be visible straight away.  The next truck we would like to show is the Measuring tape truck

  • Packaged in window boxes
  • Option for blister pakaging or carded packing
  • PVC box to enhance the exterior with additional branding and personalization.

    Freight Industry promos

    Freight Industry promos

Similar promo – Heineken and other clients have also done promos with their trucks.   Have you any ideas for freight industry promos for truck marketing?

If you looking to customize your freight industry promos, why not contact our design team? You will gain from exclusivity!

Further customization that ODM can offer – Decal printing and sticker printing that enable more complex designs and all over body print.

If you are interested in shipping merchandise, contact us. With over 10 years of expertise in sourcing products from China, we can find a solution to your marketing needs.