Who has used a fridge magnet of some type in the last month?  They are such a mainstay for the Promo business.

Ramp up your Promos by using Promo magnetic games as a gift with purchase. The answer should be nobody as those type of promo have been increasingly common in recent years.

Offer larger, more useful magnetic items as part of your next promotional campaign. Easily printable and customizable, they can be used for pretty much anything.

The dartboard could easily illustrate forceful messages if customized accordingly. For example a breakdown of the target into various products offered by the company completed by a point system proportionate to the value of each items would allow:

  • Accrued visibility of the firm’s portfolio
  • Inexpensive marketing of the items displayed
  • Encourage new product purchase
  • Link the brand in a playful, fun way

Ideally positioned on fridges or on any other metallic part of the house, magnetic stickers will remain part of the household for an extended period of time, thus exposing your brand to the family as a whole.

Another interesting idea for promotional purpose would be to display the various sports events scheduled for the year in a calendar format.  Not only could you then advertise more effectively on events you are sponsoring, but your brand would be intrinsically linked to all major events since you are providing valuable information.

On a different subject, those large magnetic items could be delivered in portion as a puzzle / jigsaw to push for more repeat purchase through collectibles.

Calendars, notepads, chore charts, games or even educational materials for children – there are plenty of ways to display your company details in client home or office. Those items remain useful for the consumer and benefit all parties involved.

In conclusion, magnetic items offer the necessary flexibility and utility to benefit your company and consumers simultaneously. By demonstrating your willingness to provide something useful yet free, you greatly improve the perceived value of your brand thus increasing consumer loyalty for the future.

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