Covermounts usually are very much restricted in size but Joker went LARGE with their promo and gained high visibility on the shelves. ODM Shanghai spotlights the JOKER Magazine for having on-pack-gift of a thermal mug.

With China experiencing a cold winter season, thermal mugs seem to be popular as a gift-with-purchase.

Men’s JOKER magazine is a well known magazine that focuses only on men. Contents of the magazine is mainly on tips regarding fashion, body care and health. ODM feels that JOKER made a right decision in offering this item and is wise in terms of budgeting as:

  • Logo: Only one colour – May just be a colour but it gives a high perceived level to their targeted customers which are mainly young male working adults.
  • Set-up cost: Only for printing, saved on mould cost for such thermal mugs
  • Colour: Silver and black. Common is the key word. – As black is more commonly used, some factories may charge a lower price for such colours
  • Space – this is such a visible item so increased sales guaranteed !!

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