On their National day, the Australian population will enjoy a day off and attend the numerous events organized to celebrate the creation of the Australia nation.  This is a great time for companies to implement promotional campaigns, hand out goodies, create unique product offerings and remind the world what is so great about the country of Australia. Please find below some globally popular Australian icons:

Foster’s Beer: Recognized throughout the world, Foster’s rides on its Aussie origin and is perceived as a trendy and laid-back brand – this image is not exactly mirrored on the home market..  Exported globally, Australian National Day is a great way to launch promotional offers and products in order to create the buzz. Beer holderskey chainsice bucketsbottle glorifier, etc. are some of the possibilities offered to effectively showcase you brand.






Kangaroos: The famous animal is Australia’s official mascot, as you can not find it anywhere else in the world. Think of kangaroos and you will automatically link it to Australia one way or another. Extensively used abroad, the famous kangaroo sign is synonym with liberty, freedom and large space.






Sun, Surf & Beaches: One could not talk about Australia without mentioning its beautiful beaches, its warm weather or its amazing surfing spot. Largely contributing to the hype and trendy feel emanating from the “Australian” way of life, they allow for a large number of  beach promotional products to be used such as beach towels, balloon, tables, coolers, suction coolies etc.

Meant to celebrate the Australian identity and its historical sources, a handful of promotional products are also perfectly adapted for the Australian National Day:

  • key chains
  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Beach towels
  • Australia Flag balloons
  • Pen fan

For additional information and schedule of promotional events on this market, the APPA (Australasian Promotional Product Association) can be a good source of info.

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