The current trend for most magazine companies are now to have cover-mounts to attract more readers in purchasing their magazines. Other than the content of the magazine, customers are also paying more attention to the on-pack-gifts provided with the magazine. When it comes to ladies’ magazines, ODM Asia realizes the increasing usage of bags as cover-mounts. Be it pouches, sling bags, tote bags or cosmetic bags, they are all used by females of all ages.

With most Asian countries currently experiencing the Spring season, designs and colours of these bags are made accordingly. It definitely puts pressure on magazine firms to offer something better than competitors’ similar on-pack-gifts. To be ahead of your customers, ODM advises customers to:

#1 Use colours to attract your customers

#2 Usability of the item –  Have the items directed straight to your customers

#3 In fashion – It may be a giveaway but make it a fashionable one

#4 Size of the item – Make it visible to take up shelf space and of course to increase of sales.

Want to have your magazines or items ahead of your competition but not quite sure what to offer? Approach us and see how promotional products can bring your brand a notch higher than competitors.

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