We recently visited some stores in Hong Kong to review the trends on Contact Lens Solution Promotions.  The On-Packs offered by each of the various companies tell an interesting story.

For the most part these Solution packs are a pretty Homogeneous Product and therefore branding and special offers play a massive part on which item to choose.  See previous promotions for Contact Lens Solutions.

AO Sept Plus are offering a Manicure Set. Ties into the personal care theme but been done before.

Oxysept are offering a Compessed Towel. Works well but very similar to the folded dog shaped on-pack.  Prefer that GWP than this one.

Complete are offering a Multi Card Reader. This promotion is quite left of field, but certainly does appeal to a niche and stands out from the crowd.

The Clustering Effect for these Promotions is very similar to that of many other market segments.   Take the market for Whisky in Duty Free for example, where promotions are very strong and regular.   Which other Clusters should we write about – there are so many…

When 1 company leads the way into the Promotional Products market other companies tend to follow in order to compete – a great sign for our industry…