Scanning the Hong Kong pharmacies for interesting promotional product, we chanced upon this Oxysept contact lens solution promotional package. The pack of 3 boxes of disinfectant for soft contact lens comes along with a manicure set, shaped in a cute flip-flop.

See also the promotion from Complete contact lens for another great packaging method for towels – promotional folding towel in OEM shape.  Really liked this one so we see this is an innovating /active sector for promos.

There is a great trend of giving away manicure sets in pharmacies and Redoxon are giving away similar manicure set promos in HK.  (Redoxon also gifting unmbrellas in Singapore).

This manicure set is practical and useful tool for all genders.  Available in wide variety of design; different styles and colours suit the different taste and preference of consumers.  A brand imprint is located at the back of the pouch and the overall design is fun.

The 4 piece manicure set, lined neatly in the pouch, consist of:

  • Nail clipper
  • Scissors
  • Nail file
  • Tweezers

There is much room for further customization of this product. Additional ideas can be incorporated to increase its function such as attaching a key chain ring, strap, carabina or lanyard and this manicure set will be very handy for travels. Probably convert the zip into a bottle opener? Tell us your designs.