Transform your time writing into the most pleasant and pleasurable moments by simply adding a new twist.    How about using scented pens?  These pens give off aromatic fragrance as you write. Scented pens are categorized uniquely into 2 types:

Plastic pens This ergonomically designed plastic pen allows for a strong and firm grip. Furthermore, with its stylish design, incorporated with its very own unique aroma and color, these pens are definitely a hit teenagers. The 3 exclusive flavors of the pens are: Refreshing and appealing blue, Cool minty green and Wild cherry red.    What better way to promote a new food or drink product than to have a promotional product that echoes the scent.   How about a new car smell for auto dealers?   The options are limitless – could even choose a unique body like our Pen Fan.

Metal Pens These exquisite metal pens are built to last and leave a strong impression.   The durable exterior and customizable scents definitely take any promotional campaign to the next level.   ODM can customise packaging and other writing accessories as required.

According to a study, consumers remember products and its attribute better when they are scented. And the main purpose of promotional products is brand recognition.

What other scented products would you like to make for your promotions?  ODM has strong experience with Aromas and can offer scented products such as wine games which have different scents commonly found in wines.