Car accessories make great promotional products since people spend so much time in the confined space of the car.   This is a great location for promoting your company and the audience is frequently captive.   Below are some of our favourite promos…

Seat belt covers not only provide comfort, they remind people everyday of your company.  Seat belt covers can come in many different designs ranging from just a simple company logo embroidered to having miniature plushes or mascots sewn onto them.

An art company can use these picture frames that can be attached to cars side mirrors.  Having a frame for the car side window is rare and thus, it catches people attention very easily.    These can be customised into different shapes and sizes but this promotion was quite unique and well done.

Promotional Flags. In view of the upcoming FIFA world cup, customers will be very pleased to use flags which can be given as promotional products.  Flags can be given away as gifts with purchase or the flags can be given away for free.   Co-branding with the countries national flag is possibly the best cobranding you can have.  Can print company name on the pole of the flag, the base, or on reverse side. Promotional flags are always strong sellers around big sports events. Apart from that, companies can also give away free flags with their own customized logo printed on them.

Antenna decoration. In addition, cute little balls or mascots/figurines can be attached to car antennas. They too are a great advertising tool and can be customised in many shapes and materials..

To prepare for summer, Window sun shades could be a good promotional product to giveaway. Not only does it prevent the car seats from getting too warm, it also provides a great advertising medium.

ODMasia also offer a wide range of accessories for use with cars like the mini air ionizer, Key finder with torch, etc..