We have seen so many promotional barware before but this in-pack gift offer by a Japanese brand of Plum Wine. We love the traditional snow glass as they are not only aesthetically pleasing but they go well together with the drinks on offer. Practicality, design appeal, and uniqueness are critical selling points of this branded gift set.

Promotional Barware

Promotional Barware


What Makes This Promotional Barware an Ideal In-Pack Gift?

If you are in the wine industry or a bar and restaurant owner, then stick with us. You might learn a thing or two from this excellent example!

Here are the reasons offering promotional barware is such a great idea.

promotional barware

Promotional Barware


Sophisticated Design

This free barware has a sophisticated brand packaging design that makes it even more eye-catching. In addition, the free snow glass has a simple, chic design that makes it too irresistible to ignore.

We also noticed that they used Polyethylene foam to keep the products safe. This serves as a cushion that protects the glasses since the products are very prone to damage during transit. Moreover, the black shade adds elegance to the in-pack gift itself. The overall packaging of this promotional barware adds to the aesthetic appeal of the item and its safety as well.


High Point of Sale Promotion

This in-pack gift set can be displayed in bars and stores to promote the brand. The free glass on the gift set suits perfectly with the product being promoted. Customers tend to love their drink if served with a beautifully-designed glass.


Improves Brand Value

This in-pack promotional barware can definitely improve customers’ perceptions of your brand. Since most people love comparing similar-looking products, making yours unique would surely make it stand out. Moreover, who would not want to avail of an item for free? Everyone tends to go after brands that offer free items. People love to save money, yet they are fond of getting valuable merchandise. Thus this on-pack gift set would be perfect for customers like them.


Builds Customers’ Loyalty

This in-pack gift set invites more customers to purchase the product. The free custom glass cups within the set incentivize them.  Free items encourage people to buy the products regularly as they fuel their desire to obtain the giveaway merchandise that comes with the drinks. Thus, including a gift set in your promotional activities would probably build trust and loyalty.

promotional barware

Promotional Barware

Helps Double the Sales

This promotional gift set is a great strategy to impress customers. They tend to buy the product since they are expecting to claim two products- drinks and glasses in a single transaction. The 2-in-1 set can gain you higher sales. What can we learn from this? As your brand image started to grow, more and more clients would surely have the urge to try and take advantage of your promotional product.


Other Promotional Barware You can Include in Your In-Pack Gift

Coaster Bottle Opener: Perfect for Beer and whisky products, this 2-in-1 coaster-bottle opener would be a great addition to your in-pack gift marketing. The body can be printed with a logo or brand message to further increase engagement even inside bars.


Borosilicate Glass Straws- Make your gift a bit fancier with a borosilicate glass straw. This is probably one of the best addition to your marketing gift. It is reusable on top of having a unique and eye-catching design. Customers can now have a pretty cocktail to drink in the comfort of their homes.


Stainless Steel Drinkware: Sturdy and stylish, stainless steel drinkware is great for when you need something that will not break during outdoor events or parties. There are many ways to design stainless steel drinkware and that gives you room to customize and personalize your promotional product.


Jiggers: Of course, your barware collection is not complete without a branded jigger. This allows customers to concoct their favorite cocktails at home like a pro!


To Summarize…

Truly, in-pack gift items help to strengthen a brand image and value. As these aspects of a business improve, the sales would be positively affected. Consequently, this marketing idea improves the brand in a plethora of ways.


How Can ODM help?

ODM has been in the promotional product industry for over 17 years now. We have worked with so many global brands, providing them with exceptional customized promotional giveaways, unique packaging, and marketing gifts. Together with our in-house designers at Mindsparkz, we work hard to provide our clients with top-notch promotional goods. From concept to market, our team is here to help you out!

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