Being in the industry for years, Glenfiddich obviously mastered the strategies on how to keep customers coming in. Their unique whisky promotion ideas help them to be recognized as the world’s leading single malt whisky distiller. Glenfiddich recorded 1.22 million 9-liter cases in the year 2017 alone. Hence, it is very evident why they hold the aforementioned title.

Glenfiddich’s current marketing campaign in a supermarket in Hong Kong is proof that not only do they have the best whisky, but they also rock the supermarket aisles!

whisky promotion ideas

Whisky Promotion Ideas: Glenfiddich’s Free-Standing Display

The brand is currently promoting Glenfiddich 21-year old Chinese New Year edition. The vibrant design is a nod to the Year of the Ox, a Chinese zodiac that symbolizes wealth, diligence, and perseverance. Lunar New Year is widely celebrated across Asia and designing their packaging around this lucky zodiac sign is a clever move.


Glenfiddich’s Best Whisky Promotional Ideas

The best products must be introduced in the best way possible. The quality would be ignored if they are not presented to the customer properly. Listed below are the reasons this whisky promotion by Glenfiddich rocks!


Free-Standing Display

Glenfiddich’s free-standing display is one of the first things that we’ve noticed. The customized display shows authority and authenticity. It comes in white color that makes it more appealing to the customers. The display exhibits cleanliness and purity. Moreover, the organization of the display makes the products pleasing and enticing to the eye.

Unlike the usual branded FSDU, where customers can freely touch and examine the products, this display has a glass door protecting the items on sale. There are practical as well as aesthetic reasons for using a display glass case, nevertheless, it makes the product visible to the customers.

Truly, this free-standing display gives a different allure that encourages customers to purchase the products.


Stylish Packaging

Glenfiddich did not disappoint when it comes to their product packaging. They presented their 21-Year Old Scotch Whiskey in the most eye-catching way. This is their limited-edition Lunar New Year offering to their customers.

whisky promotion ideas

Whisky Promotion Ideas: Unique Glenfiddich’s Whisky Packaging

The box packaging features the Ox and some oriental designs to capture their market. It is timely and definitely reflects the Chinese culture. And that makes them relevant. Upon checking their website, we also found that they have also made special designs for their 12, 15, and 18-year old whiskeys.

Glenfiddich Limited Edition Lunar New Year Whisky Packaging

Glenfiddich Limited Edition Lunar New Year Whisky Packaging (Source: Glenfiddich website)

They are already an icon when it comes to creating branded and high-quality packaging for their products. In 1961, they started manufacturing their highly recognizable triangular bottle. This unique packaging continues to circulate in the world’s market today. The rare shape of the bottle makes it stands out among other brands.

In addition, Glenfiddich is the first distilleries to pack their bottles inside tubes and gift tins. Thus, this only substantiates that the brands have very diverse ideas on how to keep their popularity up until today. Their innovative creations help them increase their brand image and sales as well.


Counter Display

A counter display offers many advantages. It helps for brand elevation, brand visibility, and awareness. Glenfiddich’s counter display effectively markets the brand’s name using this. They used a bottle glorifier to make the bottle stand out and an acrylic one for the packaging. They spotlight the products making them the focal point of the whole display.

whisky promotion ideas

Whisky Promotion Ideas: Glenfiddich’s Counter Display Idea

The counter display brings a lot of conveniences as the customers can easily access their products through this display. Also, from a marketing manager’s standpoint, a counter display is very cost-effective and requires less time to maintain.


To Wrap This Up…

One of the good things that are very motivating about renowned businesses is that they never settle for less. They never get complacent about what they have and where they are now. Instead, they always ensure that they have something new to offer to their valued clients. Glenfiddich is obviously one of these brands that excel in product promotion. They always come up with unique whisky promotion ideas through their creativity and meticulous planning.


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