This on-pack promotion from The Famous Grouse was recently spotted in Taiwan. The Famous Grouse is one of the most well known whisky manufacturers in the world. Based in Scotland, the company sells it’s products all over the world. When a customer buys one of their whisky bottles they will also receive a free glass. This type of offer is commonly used in the alcohol industry for a number of reasons, including increased brand awareness and incentivizing purchase.

Exclusive whisky glass as on-pack promotion

Exclusive whisky glass as on-pack promotion

How does an on-pack promotion like this incentivize purchase?

The complementary glass helps to increase the perceived value of the product. This means that customers are more likely to pick that product over the competitors.  By offering an on-pack promotion that is used together with the actual product along with a premium packaging, the perceived value is increased even further. The competitive nature of the alcohol industry means that measures such as this are necessary for a company to be successful. It is important for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. Customer retention is also an important issue. Printing a logo on the on-pack promotion, in this case a whisky glass, will help with just this. Customers will be reminded of the brand every time they use the product. These are some of the reasons behind the popularity of on pack promotions. They are a good way of increasing sales and provide a high ROI.

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