What stands out of a product on sale is its point of sales packaging. People gets attracted to purchase products based on its appearance and its packaging. In marketing, marketers try to promote their products through unique and attractive packaging to appeal to the consumers. By making their products appealing, sales could be increased as those who are not really in need of the product may even be tempted to purchase it due to its captivating point of sales (POS) packaging.

Point of Sales Packaging by The Johnnie Walker

Point of Sales Packaging by The Johnnie Walker

The Johnnie Walker has implemented this strategy by selling their Cognac alcohol in an antique-like mini cupboard made of wood and leather. This point of sales packaging not only makes it attractive and appealing to consumers, it also makes the Cognac alcohol seems more valuable and classy.

How point of sales packaging increases sales?

POS packaging adds value to the product by transforming a normal and dull product into something that is enticing to the eyes of the consumers. The product is beautified and makes it more attractive to consumers who have real needs for it. Even those consumers, who may not really need this product, may even make purchases from it.

The Johnnie Walker has attempted to make their Cognac alcohol more attractive by selling this alcohol in a beautiful mini cupboard. This POS packaging allows this Cognac alcohol to stand out from the other alcohols sold in the store, making it more unique and outstanding. This would definitely be able to attract more sales as a result, since comparison is inevitable during the buying process.

Branding POS packaging

The Johnnie Walker can also brand their logo on the mini cupboard to inject brand recall for the consumers. When consumers use this mini cupboard, they would notice the brand logo. Brand awareness can also be achieved as when guests or family members bypass this mini cupboard, they would also be introduced to The Johnnie Walker logo. This way, more sales could be generated from this POS packaging.