When looking at creative and unique marketing gifts to advertise your brand, ODM has experience with LED gadgets. Making use of a LED Coaster to advertise your beer brand is an unconventional yet unique way of doing it. The bright lights emitted from the LED Coaster are a great way to catch the attention of people. You would definitely be attracted to a coaster that emits beautiful lights right?


LED Coaster

LED Coaster

How can a LED Coaster help your company?

This marketing gift can be very helpful because your customers will remember how their beer is being served. The changing lights can be a great way to catch the attention of your customers and stand out from the rest.

LED signs are a very effective and affordable way to market your products. They can be helpful in many ways..

  • LED signs are cost effective in the long run
    • LED signs are more energy saving than their counterparts. The fact that they are never heated up means they are using much lesser energy. This is great because you save on electricity bills and you are also doing your part for the environment. Choosing to use LED products as marketing gift gives the impression to your customers that you are faithful to the environment.
    • Can customize the shape of your LED signs easily
      •  You can offer various types of designs and sizes of LED coaster or marketing gift your customers. It ensures that you can have control over every detail of your gift to suit the demographics of your customers.
      • LED marketing gift can advertise for you all day
          • Due to its low energy consumption and high durability, you can reach out to your customers at almost any part of the day. For e.g. LED Coaster can be used as an advertisement anytime your customer buys a drink, not only at specific time.