It is not easy to come up with new promotional gift ideas for the book industry as it is very difficult to be innovative and original. That is why bookmarks are that famous. We decided to write this blog to present you some amazing promotional products for books.

Promotional Gift - Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Promotional Gift – Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

We really loved this electronic dictionary bookmark spotted in Dymocks Booksellers, at the Peak Galleria, Hong-Kong.

Why offer such a promotional gift?

Easy-to-use, powerful and useful in the same time, this “gadget” has been programmed with 38,000 definitions from the Collins Gem English Dictionary, so you are sure to know the exact definition of the word you’re looking for. This very original promotional gift is the Winner of the Gift of the Year 2011 for its ingeniousness. The upper part embeds the screen and all the electronic components what allows the down part to be extremely thin and perfect to be used as a bookmark.

This product is available in 3 colours : white, pink and grey and offering it as a promotional item could be a very good idea!

Promotional Gift - Book Light

Promotional Gift – Book Light

In the same shop, we spotted another very interesting promotional product : a book light.

This promotional merchandise is very useful as well. It is the best way to read your favourite book in the dark without bothering anyone. Amazing isn’t it?

One can also use it as a page holder using the clamp. ODM really liked the idea, we think it could be a very cool gift with purchase and this pink colour is really attractive (but you can also have it in different other colours such as blue, purple or orange).

Don’t you think it is way more original than a simple bookmark printed with your logo on it?

If you liked this product or if you are looking for other promotional gifts ideas, do not hesitate to contact us. You might also have a look to these related blogs: