Hung Fook Tong is currently running a promotional campaign with bottle neckers in Hong Kong.

Promo Mechanism: A chance at a lucky draw featuring attractive prizes. From 13th August to 2nd September, buy any 500ml bottle of herbal tea, keep its receipt and stand a chance to win! This means the more you buy, the higher your chances. Also, note that it has restricted its lucky draw campaign to a limited period of time, cutting any slack or procrastination that customers might have, motivating them to purchase.

The lucky draw is a fun campaign, rewarding the brand’s loyal customers, and attracting new customers to try at the same time. However…

Gifts on offer – Olympus Camera (1pc) / Folding Bikes (8pc) / Vouchers for Soups (10pc).

Suggestion: We feel that Hung Fook Tong has been using the lucky draw many times now… See: Co-branding & Drinks Promotions.

What they could do to keep things fresh: Hold a quiz online (for instance, what are the different health benefits of its herbal tea); being educational could spur people to buy as people nowadays pay much attention to their own health. Participants could then stand to win prizes more relevant to health or well-being. For e.g. Portable Massage Chair (imprinted with Hung Fook Tang’s logo)

Lucky Draw on Bottle Necker, differentiating itself from the rest and taking shelf space effectively