How about starting a new trend in decoration.   Wall stickers can work everywhere and they enable you to customize a room quickly and more easily than painting or paper hangings. Funny and colorful, wall stickers instantly give originality to a room.

As a free gift, it will make a terrific promotional item: customizing your client’s place with a sticker of your own might be one of the most efficient ways to ensure the visibility of your promotional message. In addition it is a high perceived value product.

Use it to decorate your offices & bring a nice atmosphere that your employees will appreciate and colleagues will envy.

Choose either to have an understandable message or more discreet logo in a designed artwork – target customers with images from events you sponsor.  Design a sticker that might be the right one for your company and budget.

ODM offer customised stickers from as little as 500 pieces.   Prices depend on material, printing and size of the stickers. Two material are available: while PVC is more environment friendly, pearl film remains the most popular used.