As promised in our previous blog about wine accessories, here is a classification of some popular corkscrews on the market.   If you are gifting a wine opener to customers choose one that will reflect your brand and stand out from the crowd.

We might have missed some models but we tried to focus on the most common ones. If we did miss your favorite wine opener model, please add it in the comments and we will add it to the list! Enjoy!

Waiters Friend Corkscrew:

Classic and handy, this fine wine opener can be easily held in your pocket. Traditionally used by most restaurants and sommeliers, they usually also integrate a small knife used to cut the foil off the bottle.

Most of those models are plastic covered in the center where you can place a logo. Fancier models can decorated with fine engraving and other materials.


Wing Style:

Here is another very popular type of wine opener. Using a lever and a gear, wing style model make uncorking a bottle easy. Great choice for home users not wishing to wrestle with their wine bottle, wing style corkscrew come in a large variety of metals such as nickel-plated steel or even plastic. Heavy-duty metal is usually the best choice for wing style item as they will last longer than their counterparts.

Wing Model – For Screw-top Wine

Many customers believe that the romance of ordering wine is deflated when a screw cap takes the place of popping a cork- The Butterfly™ is the solution to this problem. This wine opener is unlike any other wine opener; it opens any screw-capped bottle at the same time retaining the elegance of traditional wine service. As no one has dealt with the presentation aspect of screw capped wine service before, this device is designed such that it bridges the gap between the cork and cap.



Composed of a simple handle with two metal blades, Ah-so is typically used for very old wine. Their corks tend to crumble if you screw into them, thus you end up with pieces of it inside your fine wine.

This corkscrew solves this issue by simply sliding the blades on either side of the cork and then slowly pressing and taking it out. A precious item to protect your most ancient treasures! Usually made of metal, their head might sometimes be covered with plastic.

Standard Screwpull:

Similar to the wing style model except that you use a separate plastic cage sitting over the top of the bottle neck. Using a long worm with a twist top handle, the twisting action slowly removes the cork out so that you do not have to pull or lever it out. Easier to use, standard screwpull come in various material (plastic, metal, …) and shape.


Screwpull Lever Model:

This high end screwpull includes a lever mechanism. Much larger than the previously mentioned items, it is extremely easy and efficient to use. The screwpull does pretty much everything for you, all you have to do is set it up in position, lower and raise the lever and your bottle is opened. An excellent gift to be made for wine lovers. Also, due to its bigger size, logo printing or engraving is possible on this item. One default: quit a bulky item.

Cork Popper for wine (with CO2 Injector):

For those wanting a slightly more advanced experience, the cork pop is for you. This item is basically a handle with a long needle to be inserted through the fork. Pressurized carbon dioxide is then injected in the bottle, thus pushing the cork up from underneath. Always impressive to people unfamiliar with this method and extremely easy to perform, the only drawback is you need to replace carbon dioxide cartridges.

Electrical Corkscrew:

Going up prices and sophistication, you can go for the electrical corkscrew. Automatically pulls out and release corks. Hard to do better. Ease of use, efficiency, not voluminous, the electrical corkscrew has it all. Some wine lovers despise this instrument because it takes away some of the pleasure induced when opening your own bottle of wine. However this item still makes a perfect gift for wine lovers or anybody interested in an easy way to open its wine.


Wall-Mounted Corkscrew

And as a final item, the wall-mounted corkscrew is the sleekest, most professional way to open your favorite bottle of wine. This sophisticated wine opener uncorks in a matter of second: place the bottle, pull the handle down, up and your work is done. A truly professional touch to any home bar, wall-mounted corkscrew usually go the next step in term of sophistication and design as they will remain on your will for long period of time.


Made a decision yet? Wine openers are largely dependent on your personal style and preference. Whether you are a purist, a conservative, a simplicity lover or a design lover, you will find a wine opener filling your every needs.

Contact ODM for more design and ideas, all the above mentioned items can be customized to your needs and wants so do not hesitate to ask for information.