Patron Tequila from Mexico is offering a stylish cabin/sport bag for customers purchasing one its 750ml bottle. This promotional offer was spotted at JFK airport in New York.

Patron’s bag as GWP stands out from the competition because of its large brand name “Tequila Patron” printed on the bag’s front side.

Although this type of logo decreases the perceived value of the product (too “in your face” feature preventing the campaign to be considered as an uninterested one),   the accrued visibility and distinguishably of  the brand more than make up for this shortfall.

Increasingly used as GWP, Promo bags are a sure win because:

  • Short term: you can place the purchased item in it (immediate incentive).
  • Medium Term: If you are travelling, chances are you are in need of an extra bag.
  • Long Term:Bag will be reused on various occasions independently of the context, thus showcasing the brand overtime.

In conclusion, bags as GWP can be used on a large variety of items and will always positively impact on sales for the product. ODM offers a large variety of quality bags to be used for promotional campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us for further info.

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