Graphic Image is giving away a free promo gift pen for at least $75 worth of spending. This pen is useful for writing and signing documents. It has an exclusive style and stands out from ordinary plastic pens. Read more to find out how the promo gift pens are used as an effective promotional item…

Promo Gift Pen by Graphic Image

Promo Gift Pen by Graphic Image

Graphic Image specialises in books, accessories, binding and small leather products like handbags and wallets in the United States. Its has an online store and retail outlets in New York.

Why did they use the pens as a promo gift?

The pens are highly functional as they can be used to write on books and paper. It can be easily kept and brought around anywhere the user goes. It has a clip which can clip the pen on the user’s pocket or on files and paper. It has a stylish golden design which gives it a luxurious feel.

This will attract customers to spend more in order to receive the promo gift pen which has a high perceived value. It also has a big branding surface area for them to brand their theme on it. The pen is a useful stationery which the user will keep for a long time, thus increasing the life span of their advertising.

How can the promo gift pens affect sales?

The promo gift pen may be branded with Graphic Image’s logo in order to increase brand awareness. This will boost brand recall and create free advertising. It will also boost brand loyalty and users will be reminded to patronise Graphic Image whenever they use the pen. Its exclusivity will spur customers to make impulse purchases and spend more in order to receive the pen for free. This will increase the sales for Graphic Image.