Marigold is now offering 4 different coloured custom party bowl collectibles as their promo gift! Simply purchase 4 cups of Marigold Yogurt in Malaysia and you are entitled to one of these sassy custom party bowls! Hurry grab them all before they run out of stocks.

Take a look at the fun-looking custom party bowls offered by Marigold!

Stay Healthy with Marigold Custom Party Bowl Collectibles

Stay Healthy with Marigold Custom Party Bowl Collectibles

Marigold has always been offering different kinds of promotional gifts for their consumers. Check out some of the promotions that they have offered previously!

Offering custom party bowl collectibles boost sales

Marigold offered these custom party bowls to help boost their sales. By offering promotional gifts along with their products sold, consumers would be enticed to make purchases! They would be encouraged to purchase yogurt from Marigold in order to be able to receive the free promotional bowls. Some consumers may even top up their spending just to be entitled as well.

Also, by offering collectibles, Marigold’s sales could be increased further. Consumers may purchase Marigold’s yogurt so as to be able to collect all the different colours of their custom party bowls!

Branding the promotional gifts

Branding is vital in increasing brand awareness for your company. These bowls have a large surface area inside and outside for you to brand your company logo. Marigold can brand their name/logo on these custom party bowls to boost brand awareness. These promotional gifts may even end up as a free walking advertisement for you! When consumers use these custom party bowls, other people would be able to notice your brand name on it.

In the long run, brand loyalty and recall could even be built. Hurry and get started with your very own branded promotional gifts to help boost sales for your company!