Lacoste is currently offering a very stylish and hip gym bag as their promo gift for their consumers! Simply purchase any Lacoste fragrance accompanying this promotion and you are  entitle to receive this promo gift. Hurry make your purchases at any Sephora store before these run out of stock!

Take a look at the stylish promo gift that Lacoste is now offering to their consumers:

Lacoste Offers Stylish Gym Bag as Promo Gift!

Lacoste Offers Stylish Gym Bag as Promo Gift!

Lacoste is a French apparel company established in 1933 that sells high-end clothing perfume, footwear, watches, leather goods, eye wear and apparel. With 80 years of being in the industry, it has become a well-known brand with a huge following.

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Offering Functional Promo Gifts Boosts Sales

Customers enjoy receiving promotional gifts that are useful and the gym bag is such a gift. The gym bag is a highly functional product and can be used by anyone and everyone on a daily basis.

This gift is highly suited for those who make frequent trips to the gym and require a bag that can contain their gym essentials. The gym bag is big and can hold a lot of things. Some customers may even be attracted to the great use and functionality of the product and it may result in them purchasing the Lacoste fragrances in order to obtain the free gift thus increasing sales.

Branding to increase brand awareness

The gym bag sports comes in signature green and white color of Lacoste’s logo. Though it is a complimentary gift, it looks classy and well made.

A gym bag can be easily customized with regards to its design, color scheme and materials in order to match the brand image of your company, making it a promotional gift that is suitable for companies of every industry. The large area available on the bag also provides ample branding space. This will aid with brand recognition.

Get started with your very own branded promo gift today to help boost sales for your company!