Christmas is a giving period. Many people will exchange gifts with family and friends. This is also a time where companies shower their customers with gifts! There are many marketing products offered during Christmas. For example, this gift with purchase was spotted in Sephora, France.

Marketing Products - 3D Greeting Cards by Jean Paul Gaultier

Marketing Products – 3D Greeting Cards by Jean Paul Gaultier

This is a special edition perfume coffret. It is made to welcome the Christmas season. The product is designed by the famous French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier. The coffret consists of one perfume and one deodorant from Le Mâle product line. In addition, you may find 4 sets of 3D greeting cards and the viewing glasses.

How Marketing Products Benefit Jean Paul Gauthier?

This product is very suitable to offer in the Christmas period. Customers who only receive 4 sets of the gift. These cards will be sent only to special friends and family. They will definitely please the receiver. The receiver will find out where the card came from. That is when Jean Paul Gaultier can increase brand awareness.

Besides that, GWP does increase the perceived value of the product. Customers can get more items from purchasing the same amount of money. This will generate impulse purchases for Jean Paul Gaultier products.

It is great to offer gift with purchase despite the value. Imagine if all of the competitors are offering marketing products, except for your company. This may not be beneficial to your brand image. So be sure to follow the market trend. Or even, be the market leader in your industry!

For our French followers:

Nous avons là un kit d’objets promotionnels très utiles et originaux: ces 4 cartes de vœux en 3D ainsi que les lunettes qui vont avec. Ces objets publicitaires peuvent simplement servir de cadeau pour l’acquéreur du coffret, ou bien être réutilisées à leur tour comme cartes de vœux. Une fois de plus, et grâce à ce nouveau coffret, le célèbre couturier Jean Paul Gaultier n’aura pas failli à sa réputation d’homme créatif.