Just 4 months to Christmas, so time to plan Corporate Christmas Gifts and cards right now.   A Christmas card is a good means to thank clients – on average, an American family sends and receives 28 cards a year. By offering a card, you create an intimate relationship. You also associate your company with the positive symbols of Christmas: love, customs, family gatherings, joy, and festivities. So, why not offer a logo pop up greeting card?

American card, circa 1940

ODM gifts


Our design team & think tank can brainstorm and create a card or gift that will perfectly match your client’s and colleagues’ expectations. Customise according to your brand image, activity, and your colors. Our buying office will then find the best supplier to produce your customized cards and gifts.

Below is a Volkswagen’s Christmas card that we like for your reference.  Logo turning into a snowflake is innovative and memorable:

Volkswagen Branded Pop Up Christmas Card

Volkswagen Logo Pop Up Greeting Card

Why We Love this Logo Pop Up Greeting Card:

At first, you will see the iconic logo of the car brand. When opened, the W logo turns into an intricate snowflake. The pop-up design adds an element of surprise, making it memorable custom promotional merchandise for automotive companies.

When it comes to designing your logo pop up greeting card, you should always consider the materials, colors, MOQ in China, and the message you want to deliver. Our design team, Mindsparkz, will walk you through the creative process of designing, selecting materials, and brand colour printing of your custom pop-up cards.

Logo pop up cards cost relatively little to manufacture. However, the pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used. Our product designers will let you choose from a range of color paper and envelopes. If you have a design in mind, we can help transform 2D sketches into 3D renditions to make your ideas come alive.


How Can We Help?

ODM is committed to helping businesses succeed through the use of high-end and effective promotional products, promo gifts, POS displays, as well as custom product packaging. Our team will help you from product brainstorming, designing, all the way through manufacturing and shipping marketing gifts.

Would a logo pop-up greeting card help you get your message out there more efficiently? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with ODM. For more marketing ideas, we have listed some of our favorite blogs below.


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