The global health crisis due to coronavirus is affecting all businesses. To prevent the spread of the virus, governments have implemented a whole series of measures in terms of cross borders. As a result, restrictions, inspections, flight delays and cancellations impact delivery services and DHL choose to delay the shipping of marketing gifts and custom promotional products. So we thought that it would be interesting to share with you some recent updates of DHL delivery services.

Shipping Marketing Gifts

Shipping Marketing Gifts

List of updates by continents


Overall, restrictions and inspections will affect African countries. Djibouti and Somalia will delay delivery services for marketing gifts. Morocco will suspend delivery services.


Restrictions and inspections will tremendously affect American countries. Regulations in Brazil, Chile, El Salvador and Mexico will delay service delivery. Whereas other countries such as Canada will be delayed also due to cross border regulations. However, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, Panama and Peru will suspend delivery services until further notice.


Covid-19 regulations will affect Asian countries. Armenia, Georgia and Malaysia implements indirect methods for postal items to avoid human contact. And for deliveries to mailboxes, no need for a signature.

Deliveries in Israel, Russian Federation will be delayed due to epidemic prevention restrictions. Whereas India, Japan, Myanmar, Lebanon, Maldives, Mongolia, Philippines, and Kuwait will suspend delivery services until further notice.



Regulations and inspections will also affect massively European countries. Deliveries of marketing gifts in Austria, Cyprus, Romania and Denmark will be delayed.

Then, restrictions and inspections will affect delivery time in Belgium, France, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Czech Republic.

Whereas Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Portugal and Luxembourg will implement indirect methods for postal items to avoid human contact. And for deliveries to mailboxes, no need of a signature. Moldova will suspend delivery services.


Australia and New Zealand implements indirect methods for postal items to avoid human contact. For deliveries to mailboxes, no need of signature. Suspension of delivery services in French Polynesia.


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