In the spectrum of promotional goods and corporate gifts, brands are always in the pursuit of the best quality merchandise that will help boost their brand awareness. Custom LED Carabiner Projectors are one of those, capable of projecting your brand’s logo, and hanging it on a backpack for your customers to bring around wherever they go. Today, we will be covering 5 reasons why your brands will stay lit with an LED Light Carabiner Projector.

LED Carabiner Projector - 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Stay Lit

LED Carabiner Projector – 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Stay Lit


1. Unique

First of all, one of the main reasons why we love the LED Light Carabiner Projector is because of how different it is. Instead of distributing the traditional custom promotional T-shirts and custom promotional Pens, why not invest in a product that will really capture people’s attention? As a general rule of thumb – the more interesting your merchandise is, the more attention it will attract. This is because the typical consumer’s brain is more likely to retain information that they have never come across before.

LED Carabiner Projector - 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Stay Lit

LED Carabiner Projector – 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Stay Lit


2. Visually Stimulating

Brands will love the LED Light Projector because it is capable of projecting the brand’s logo, or any other visual designs depending on the request. The ability to project light with a variety of colors and shapes creates visually stimulating images that will put your customers in awe.

3. Compact & Minimal

Don’t you remember how big projectors used to be? The LED Light Carabiner Projector simplifies that by reducing it to the size of a key-chain. No more long wires and cables to generate photo images. Our Carabiner Projectors are of great quality, capable of projecting crisp and accurate outlines of your brand’s logo. For that reason, wouldn’t you want your customers to associate your brand with high quality?

4. Portable

These LED Light Carabiner Projector can easily be attached to bags, pouches and keys to serve as a key-chain. It is also a carabiner used to bind your keys altogether. This is a great characteristic of an effective branded promotional product because this could often mean more exposure for the brand. This is because the best type of promotional goods are those that are of high-utility. The more the projector is used, the more exposure your brand receives.

5. Easy To Use

Finally, another great characteristic of LED Light Carabiner Projectors is how easy it is to use. Users do not need an instruction manual on how to use it, and they can easily assess what it is just by looking at it. Sometimes, simple is the way to go. Complex products do not make the best promotional products because they can confuse your customers, and they might avoid using it. Ask yourself this; do you like being confused? How frustrating would it be if the free toy that came with your cereal box was a toy you couldn’t understand?


In conclusion, we believe that LED Light Carabiner Projectors would be great for your brand. These can be distributed as gifts-with-purchase, on-pack promotions or even as a standalone corporate gift in trade shows. It is simple yet unconventional, compact, and fun.

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