Portable mini projectors were very popular at the Electronic Show in HK last week..

This projector fits nicely onto your palm and can project films or a presentation onto any smooth wall.  Simply slip it into your bag or pouch, and you are all set to give professional speeches or presentations on the go. (Cheapest models around US$100 for volume purchases.)

This is a very good product for sales people who travel frequently and saves having clients huddling around a small laptop screen.

This product comes in a variety of sizes and quality levels (mainly to do with brightness, measured in lumens).   Depending on the brightness of the room and model the mobile projector it can display bright images of 7 – 80 inches.   Adding to its capability, there is an option of built-in flash memory where you can store and shoot images (allowing presentations without a laptop).

Since USB ports are present, a huge range of add-ons and supports are available for this device. Take for instance, plug your TV cable and enjoy movies or watch 2010 FIFA World Cup in home theatre mode. Even TV game consoles can be attached to this multi-purpose device. Think of all the games you can play with your PS3 or Xbox.

ODM can also supply custom bags and tripods with these as well as a great number of other promo photo and camera products.