projectorLEDWhat we spotted on the 3rd day of Electronic Fair – Portable LED Projector with DVD Player designed for both elderly and very young.

Designed as a toy-liked projector with few buttons that make the whole operating of the system as easy as ABC!

The function states:

  • Portable, Longer life LED Projector
  • Screen size up to 50” – bright & clear view
  • Support Karaoke features
  • User-friendly for the Elderly
  • Hi-Fidelity sound system

The combination of karaoke features, hi-fi sound system and large screen size is definitely a great tactic to Portable LED Projectorattract clients.  With its in-built longer life battery, it will also be a fantastic idea to bring it to any outdoor parties or gathering. Since there is no need for a remote controller to operate the projector, the cost of making this product will be much lesser.