With Christmas just around the corner, you must be thinking of some Christmas-themed products to enjoy the festive season! Here’s where Christmas-themed shopping bags come in perfect for the occasion, and you can get yours easily from Vietnam bag suppliers!

Christmas Bags - Vietnam Bag Suppliers

Christmas Bags – Vietnam Bag Suppliers


What do we like about these Christmas-themed Shopping Bags?

One thing that we like about the shopping bags would be its design. The bright colours and vibrant design of the bags certainly make it extremely attractive to the masses. Aside from that, we also like that the bags are easy to carry. As opposed to typical plastic bags, these shopping bags can be used as a shoulder bag- certainly helps to ease the pressure on the body!

And, as countries start to ban the use of single-use plastic bags, investing in a reusable shopping bag for marketing campaigns will tremendously help the environment whilst improving brand image. Durable and reusable, this will work great for green marketing.

Do check out our blog for more reusable bag designs and eco-friendly materials! Or read our recently published article about bag manufacturing process in Vietnam factories.


Why Vietnam bag suppliers?

  • Pricing: Vietnamese suppliers are able to provide competitive pricing for their bags that they supply. For an MOQ of 10,000 pieces, the price of the bags produced by Vietnamese suppliers are significantly lower than that of Chinese suppliers. MOQ in China is considerably high and this might not be workable for some business owners.

    Christmas Bags - Vietnam Bag Suppliers

    Christmas Bags – Vietnam Bag Suppliers


  • Quality: Aside from having a lower price, Vietnamese bag suppliers also produce bags of high quality. To ensure that the bags produced are of the highest quality, there are several things that the Vietnamese bag suppliers have taken into careful consideration to produce the best quality bags possible. These are:
    – Stitching: When the bags produced by the Chinese and Vietnamese suppliers are compared, it can be seen that the Vietnamese-produced bags have a tighter stitching as compared to the Chinese-produced bags.

Christmas Bags - Vietnam Bag Suppliers

Christmas Bags – Vietnam Bag Suppliers– Cross-stitching: When looking at the handles of the bag, it can be seen that the handles of the Vietnamese-produced bags are cross-stitched to the bag, while that is not the case for the Chinese-produced bags. This means that the Vietnamese-produced bags will have a sturdier handle.


Christmas Bags - Vietnam Bag Suppliers

Christmas Bags – Vietnam Bag Suppliers


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