McDonald’s are undoubtedly a huge name in the food industry. Whilst this may be so, they do not stop advertising their brand. Here they have created a successful on premise display that will help to attract consumers to their brand. Many big brands actively use on premise displays in their marketing efforts, and this blog will illustrate what effects they can have your business.

On Premise Display - How to attract customers by McDonald's

On Premise Display – How to attract customers by McDonald’s

Why is this on premise display a good idea?

  • Brand Recognition – This is crucial for any business, to be recognised by the masses. The more customers that see your logo and brand, the more times they recognise and think of your brand. In the long run, consumers remember and potentially favour your brand over competitors. This will in turn lead to much greater increased sales. There is a reason why the big brands are big, and it is because of constant marketing such as this on premise display.
  • Improving Image – An on premise display can help to improve image, but this comes down to the design of the display. If the design is attractive, like this example, and fits with the underlying aspects of the company then consumers image of this will be positively reinforced. This display uses vibrant colours and a cheerful design that is sure to appeal to the majority of people.
  • Get noticed – With outdoor advertising such as this, the biggest challenge ins creating an on premise display that gets noticed. The size and prominence of this display in particular is successful as anyone walking past will certainly will notice it. Furthermore, the in-store positioning is also key, as you can McDonald’s display right is by the entrance to the store. Being in a favourable position like this will mean consumers will spot this brand over competitors, giving them a competitive advantage.

As we can see, using a on premise display can prove excellent and drawing in customers and reaffirming your business image. Does your business need an on premise display in order to draw more customers in?

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