Sports merchandise continues to grow, and so do the ambitions and marketing efforts of sports companies. What makes sports merchandise special over ordinary promotional products is that they are often mobile. This is because people use them on the move, in the gym, park and sports grounds. Your brand will be noticed on these items, achieving brand exposure.

This example of Arsenal F.C. backpacks is one of many great sports merchandise items. Its strong branding, pantone matched, allows for an exceptional representation of the logo. Clearly visible logos are important for promotional items to get your brand noticed, these promotional bags do this well.

Sports Merchandise - Awesome Arsenal Backpacks

Sports Merchandise – Awesome Arsenal Backpacks

What we love about these bags in particular is the variety, a large variety of bags means that these are not only functional, but brand activating. They can be used for sports or for children at school, pester power potential!

Sports Merchandise, The benefits and the uses to drive sales:

  • Increase Perceived Value – As a brand has status, it emboldens that status with promotional products, and merchandise. This is especially true for sports merchandise. Every big football club has a plethora of branded bags, hats  and scarves all great items to bring about brand exposure.
  • Purchase with purchase – A great use for promotional bags such as these is purchase with purchase. Sports merchandise is often used this way to drive sales via a discounted bag or bottle alongside a purchase of another item. Shoes is a popular example of this. Purchase with purchase is a great way to add value to your product, increasing sales.
  • Brand exposure -As eluded to previously, brand exposure is essential for any marketing campaign. In the growing sports products industry, it can be hard to get your foot in the door. Using promotional products for sports merchandise is a great way to expose those less known brands, ultimately driving sales.
  • Varied product portfolio  –  Adding products to your portfolio can really flesh out your brand, an empty web shop never fares well for businesses, and using promotional products for retail purpose is a great way to expand your product portfolio, while simultaneously benefiting your branding potential. These bags show a great way to do this with many types.
Sports Merchandise - Awesome Arsenal Backpacks

Sports Merchandise – Awesome Arsenal Backpacks

At ODM we have over 10 years experience sourcing, producing and designing promotional products. Contact us to learn how to expand your brand. If your interested in Gift with purchase in particular, we have an ever expanding page on this.

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