In-store Displays can be the make or break of your promotion. They are your massive tools in grabbing attention and pulling customers in. Having a well-managed in-store display is a smart way of using details to boost sales and generate buzz. This display by Corelle is a great example of how subtlety can act as an advantage.

Dining and Serving In Store Display: Corelle

Dining and Serving In Store Display: Corelle

Why this In-Store Display?

With the products on show, this particular in store display shows off their assets in a bold, clean and efficient manner. Colours align with brand themes whilst the fonts are easy to read and aren’t trying to be too cool for school!

Organisation and coordination is the key when it comes to creating any effective in-store display, and as shown in the image, this is one of its main advantages. If you are able to provide a design and display of a high standard, you can be sure that this will translate into the treatment and presentation of the products being carried. Information is also a big component of what is wanted from in store displays, though not in an overwhelming bulk manner. This display provides simple and concise information about their products on show, whilst offering some further promotional deals that may be of interest.

Dining and Serving In Store Display: Corelle

Dining and Serving In Store Display: Corelle

In Store Display- What’s the deal?

  • Generate Sales: A well designed and implemented in-store displays should play a massive part in generating sales. Whether it be to catch the eye of a potential consumer, catalyst an impulse buy or simply to offer a means to look, feel and touch a product- these are all positives that should significantly contribute to generating sales, especially if it can be considered more of a POS display.
  • Brand Awareness: In-store displays play a massive part in getting your brand out there. If supported by a positive display, this will only help your brand image, as well as improving brand recognition.
  • Promotion: Displays, in general, offer a superbly direct channel for promotion. Whether it be a new product launch, a sales promotion or even an event coming up, it allows a great way of getting the details out there!

How can ODM help you?

Keen on creating your very own In-Store Display? Be sure to contact ODM today! We have an experienced team that will be able to assist you in creating and implementing promotional product campaigns. Our product designers will be able to provide you with fun and interesting designs to allow you to stand out from the crowd. Be sure to check out our POS display page for some more great examples!


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