Increased environmental awareness in recent years has significantly pushed the marketing power of imprinted reusable tote bags. These bags are now promotional powerhouses in retail and grocery outlets. As a result, the use of plastic bags is diminishing greatly. Studies done by the ASI proved that customers who received a tote bag use it an average of 9 months per month. Advertising on reusable bags that consumers use so often explains their rise.  See HK purchase with purchase promo.   Some popular designs below…

These double-handled tote bags are by far the most widely used bags. Found in different range of markets, these bags are popular in convenience store as well as luxury brands. See Redemption promo.  Straps which go all round add to the stability and are more solid.  The colour of the bag and straps can be customised to tie in with the logo and artwork.

Draw string tote bags are most suited for carrying things without fretting over organization. Laundry bags are great example of draw strings tote bag.    Simple in construction, the draw string can double up as a handle/shoulder strap.   Lots of customising options on the string and the fasteners.   Allows for unbroken and large logo print area.

Target the ladies with these pouch-like tote bags.  The shape is more appealing.   Need to be careful that the straps are sewn solidly in place as lifting heavy weight can put strain in this area, especially if the fabric is quite light.

Finally, the foldable tote.   Great for putting in your regular bags or pocket, this can be folded out when you go shopping and is one of most popular designs.  We can design these to fold up into different shapes – maybe good to fold into mascot or logo shape…

Tote bags and their design are very much dependent on the design and material composition.   We try to use Green materials as much as possible incl.

  • Recycled Polypropylene
  • Organic Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Jute
  • PET