You have probably seen a lot of promotional giveaway being given out by Macy’s, the super giant departmental store in the United States. Here’s yet another one! Simply spend a minimum of $30 on any Dermablend products and receive a cosmetic bag totally free! This promotional giveaway is only limited to 1 per customer, so hurry and grab them while stock lasts!

Promotional Giveaways: Dermablend Cosmetic Bag

Promotional Giveaways: Dermablend Cosmetic Bag

Dermablend was founded in 1981, and is the number 1 dermatologist’s recommendation. Over these few decades, Dermablend has certainly made a name for itself in the cosmetic industry. They are famous for the wearability and skincare benefits of their products.

Why offer a cosmetic bag as a promotional giveaway?

The usability of this item is relatable to every lady. Cosmetics are a part of every woman’s life, making this promotional giveaway a very practical gift for women. Besides being practical, the ecstatic side of this promotional giveaway doesn’t lose out as well. This promotional giveaway has a classy yet professional look to it. A metallic black finish makes it stand out, attracting a whole lot of females to use it. This increased attention from people will highly increase your sales.

It is important to choose the right promotional giveaway to maximize your marketing efforts. It is best to choose a gift that can complement the use of your product. This way, it can help increase brand recall from your customers! A gift that goes hand in hand with the offered product will definitely be an advantage. If you are uncertain about how to approach your next marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact us at ODMasia for help!

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