Hardy’s is currently offering an on pack promo. A pack consisting of two bottles of wine comes with a cooler bag. This cooler bag is meant to be used to keep wine chilled. This cooler bag is used when wine has to be brought to another place without a refrigerator. This promotion was spotted in a duty free store in the Philippines.

On Pack Promo - Cooler Bag

On Pack Promo – Cooler Bag

 Hardy’s is an Australian wine company with 160 years of history. It is Australia’s largest winemaker, with its products being sold in over 80 countries across the globe.

Why cooler bag as an on pack promo?

A cooler bag has high utility value. An on pack promo with high utility value is more attractive than one that has no use. The cooler bag may not only be used for keeping wine chilled but can also be used for grocery shopping. It has multiple purposes, making it a good on pack promo item.

A cooler bag also has a long product life. The cooler bag can be used for a relatively long time before it gives way. Hence, those who purchase this on pack promo can constantly be reminded of the company when they use the bag. This is better than an on pack promo which has a short product life.

A cooler bag is also environmentally friendly and can be reused. This helps to save the earth. If there was no cooler bag and a person wanted to keep his wine chilled, he may wrap it up with multiple layers of newspaper/tissue. These newspapers/tissues would be thrown away after its use. Having a cooler bag will help to reduce such wastage.

Benefits of an on pack promo

An on pack promo helps to beat the competition. It attracts the consumer at the point of purchase, by standing out from rival products on the same shelf. This places the brand a step ahead of its competitors.

An on pack promo can also be used to offset an increase in price. When the price of the product increases, an on pack promo can be offered. This would lead the consumer to feel that there is an added benefit from the increase in price. After a while, the on pack promo can be stopped and consumers would continue to purchase the product at the increased price.

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