Crabtree and Evelyn is offering a tote bag as a gift with purchase in Singapore. This offer is valid only for four days from 28 February 2013 to 31 March 2013. Simply top up to SGD $160 nett in a single receipt and the tote bag, worth SGD $48, is all yours!

Gift with Purchase by Crabtree and Evelyn: Tote bag

Gift with Purchase by Crabtree and Evelyn: Tote bag


Crabtree and Evelyn was founded in 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Cyrus Harvey. It is a retailer of bath and body products, gourmet foods, candles, home decor, and gifts and uses over 160 “natural botanical ingredients” in its skin care products.

Why did Crabtree and Evelyn use this tote bag as a gift with purchase?

This tote bag is light, durable and spacious which makes it a perfect promotional gift. You can use this bag for multiple purposes like grocery shopping, book bag or even bring it along as a spare bag when you go travelling overseas. This promotional bag is big enough to store A4 sized documents so you do not have to worry about your books or documents not being able to fit in.

With this promotional tote bag, you can use it to store all the goods that you have purchased from Crabtree and Evelyn, making shopping extremely convenient. Other brands like L’Occitane can also make use of this tote bag as a gift with purchase to help attract more customers to buy their products.

How can this tote bag help to increase sales for the company?

This tote bag is not just a gift with purchase but it also serves as a walking advertisement for your company. Crabtree and Evelyn has imprinted its Tarocco Orange prints on the tote bag and its brand name at the side to help increase brand recognition for the company, especially for those that frequent the brand.

Due to the eye-catching design of the bag, many would take notice of it and if they were to see that the tote bag is from Crabtree and Evelyn, they might want to drop by the nearest store to see what is in for them. As more people come across this tote bag, they would be attracted and induced to purchase from Crabtree and Evelyn. Regular customers who are unaware of this promotion would be encouraged to make repeated purchases so that they can get the bag. This would in turn help to generate sales for the company in the long run.