Danone is a multinational French company that produce alimentary products which are specialized in yoghurt products to eat and drink. Every year the brand creates popular events where children get involved. This year they have promoted a football tournament in Spain, where many kids around the whole country compete to win the trophy. This is really a unique point of sale as people attending the event will gain a greater awareness of the brand and enjoy free trials of their products during the day.

Danone is one of the most successful and effective brands in Spain, which normally creates great marketing awareness through different methods like promotional products and giveaways.

We can see below a graphical representation of the point of sale:


Point of Sale by Danone: Branding an Event

Point of Sale by Danone: Branding an Event

So, how does a point of sale like this one help Danone?

Danone is a brand that sell out many kind of products and sometimes it is very difficult to in marketing to sell our range of products in the same campaign. Using a point of sale in a massive event like this one which brings the crowd together and give the opportunity to the public to try all of their products. Most of the product range of Danone is not very expensive, so it is worth creating an event like this one.

A point of sale in any marketing campaign will always help to create product awareness, trial and the most important thing: eventually sales. Customers always like clients-buyers relationships where they are both engaged. Creating this kind of event for Danone is very unique as it also represents the brand itself where most of the products are targeted to young people.

This event took place throughout a whole weekend in May 2011. It was basically a football tournament where different teams from different regions competed to win the trophy and a series of gifts by Danone.