Supradyn is one of the best vitamin supplements and is now giving away a promo pen as a marketing gift. This is a marketing gift which customers will get with every purchase of Supradyn vitamin supplements. As potential customers will be attracted to this promo pen, Supradyn will win customers’ loyalty which will in turn boost sales!

Marketing Gift by Supradyn: Promo Pen

Marketing Gift by Supradyn: Promo Pen

How can this high valued added marketing gift improve brand recall?

Promo pen is an ideal marketing gift for your promotional campaign. It includes advertising pen, personalized pen, logo pen, and other business pens. They provide an opportunity to reach a wide audience for an initial investment. A promo pen with an imprinted logo is a perfect marketing tool for all businesses, from start-up businesses to established companies. Promo pens are what most businesses use on a small or large scale and they are also an item that can be passed along for customer use as well.

Moreover, they come in a wide range of styles and colors. Try new pens like bubble pens and light-up pens to appeal to kids. USB stick pens are something new that we can all use and lanyard promotional pen is a handy way for company employees to wear your company’s advertising pen. Brand name customized marketing gift keeps your company’s information handy. Just remember that this marketing gift has a small branding area for your message so make it a powerful one.

This marketing gift is quite simple but still fits the target audience and acts as an effective incentive product. These promotional items will serve as a form of advertising until the ink has been spent!

And a brief review of this promotion for our Russian readers:

В России стартовала акция, Вам подарят стильную ручку золотого цвета при покупке витаминного комплекса Supradyn. На ручке нанесён логотип популярной фармацевтической компании. Такая промо-акция поможет бренду повысить продажи и привлечь новых покупателей. Рекламная ручка – это недорогой и очень эффективный подарок.