Father’s Day is just around the corner.  Here’s an idea for people who are still racking their brains on what gifts to get – Waterloo Casinos & Hotels is giving away a special gift in commemoration of this day to their guests (to fathers or for children who wish to regift to their father) on the day itself.

Giving away a simple yet stylish watch, Waterloo show that you don’t have to spend extravagantly to be grateful & make an impact.

Waterloo's Gift Mechanism with no conditions at all...

Sincere thoughts & gifts which show your unconditional love and care for your father define Father’s Day; Waterloo embodies this idea with this giveaway mechanism with a gift for all visitors.


  • Positive Word of mouth (through reviews in travel agents website) with such a great deal going on..
  • Promo is limited (while stocks last), allowing their guests to feel exclusive and this is making a call to action.
  • A lasting impression is left – guests remember Waterloo for going to such extent to add value to their stay, making that particular Father’s Day a memorable one.

Giving away promotional products at special times can help your service or hotel stand out from the competition.