Father’s Day, celebrated in most countries on 3rd Sunday in June, is an important day to honor and express gratitude for fathers.  Now is a good time to finalise any promos to tie in with this date.

Research has shown that listening to music can help improve sleep quality, making this speaker pillow a great gift for Fathers to relieve stress after a tough day at work.  This speaker pillow comes with a built in high-quality stereo sound speaker and an adapter to fit the headphone jack of any MP3, iPod or CD player. It is also designed to function as a back support when you are sitting up at your desk.

You can even opt for the dual function speaker & massage neck pillow! This battery-operated micro-bean plush pillow comes with 6 massage modes and you can alternate between them by pressing the “mode” button on the pillow.

These speaker pillows can be sewn with an embossed logo or embroidered with 2-3 colors logo. . Flexible, light and comfortable, They are great for use in almost anywhere – from relaxing in bed to riding in car and when outdoors at the beach.

Still not relaxed enough?  Get a USB Powered Massage Ball for your office! Plugged conveniently into a computer USB port, it vibrates at a powerful 3600rpm, to relieve stress aches and muscle pains you get from sitting for long hours at your desk. Small and compact, it will be much loved for its practical usability. Print your company’s logo on it & your clients will remember you when they are relaxing at their desk!

ODM can also tie in Fathers Day promos with other themes such as summer, beer, world cup etc..