Custom ODM Poker Chip

Custom poker Chips can be a great promotional tool, even if you are not in the Casino business. Poker chips can be used as stand alone products, in a set or accompanied by some accessories!

These chips can have your logo printed directly on to the plastic and we suggest it looks much better than paper stickers.

Customise the base colours of the chips to match your logo or product colours.  A suggested standard weight for chips is around 0.4 ounces each.

Heavier chips have a higher perceived value and therefore carry more value when used as  corporate gifts!   By using poker chips as a corporate gift to your customers, you differentiate yourself from other players by using an old promotional product in an innovative way!

Some promotional products brainstorming for using custom poker chips in your next promotion…..

  • Travel Agents promote holidays to Las Vegas or Macau
  • Use these as a advertising campaign ‘Don’t gamble – buy insurance’.
  • Whiskey companies Bottle Necker targeting people playing poker at home
  • Use these as tokens for redemption campaigns.
  • These could be used really effectively in a beer campaign for a ‘Guy’s night in’.
  • ‘Hall pass’ for all those wanting a voucher for night out.
  • Vouchers for Trade Shows or Parties.
  • Ticket or Invitation to Events such as product launches.
  • Send us your ideas in comments section below

Custom Printed Poker Chips

Why not try these out in the New Year as corporate gifts for Chinese New Year at the end of January? Contact us at ODM to get these and any other promotional products to you before factories in China shut down for holidays!

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