Ribena On Pack Promotional Popsicle Tray

Companies in the drinks industry are often brainstorming creative and unique On Pack Promos to stand out from the competition. Here we see an interesting promo by Ribena in Singapore!

Simply buy 1 bottle of Ribena and it comes with a Popsicle Tray! This On Pack Gift is certainly a interesting and unique one that would drive sales greatly.

Consumers can now either use this promotional gift to make Ribena Popsicle or ice as well, a very conventional 2 in 1 item. This fun designed promotional item will definitely catch the attention of the young ones as well, encouraging their parents to purchase it so they could get their hands on this promotional product!

Fits nicely with the packaging of the main item, this GWP can also be customized in terms of size, design, colours to suit your needs! Considering this promo gift for your next drinks campaign? Contact ODM for more information now!

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