Attention all mothers! Looking for fun and interesting products for your children?

Fret not… Enfagrow is currently running an on-pack promotion at all Carrefour outlet in Singapore. Simply purchase this 2 pack Enfagrow A+ Milk Powder and you’ll receive a free Logic Toy that your children will definitely enjoy.

On Pack Promo - Spatial Logic Tool by Enfagrow

ODM feels that this Spatial Logic Tool is a perfect complement to Enfagrow’s image. By offering this promotional gift as an incentive product, potential customers will be compelled to purchase this promotion package which will help to drive sales. Boasting 6 different designs, it encourages repeat sales from customers which further maximises the effort of this promotion.

Enfagrow Promotional Package at Carrefour

Enfagrow can further improve this promotional item by branding its logo on it. With it’s logo distinctively printed on the product, it provides free advertising whenever the product is used. This will boost the brand awareness and also enhance brand recall for Enfagrow in the long run.

Any thoughts on this interesting promotion?

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