Enfagrow Promotions Malaysia

Themed Promotion from Malaysia. Enfagrow A+ is one of Mead Johnson’s nutritional milk drinks that is specially formulated for toddlers aged one to three.  At this age, toddlers will be exposed to various stimulations as they explore and learn.  They may come in contact with harmful elements like germs that are ever present in the environment.   Enfagrow A+ will help childrens brain cells establish and strengthen communication with each other, which supports learning.

Working on the Theme..With Enfagrow’s strong advertising on the adventurer and explorer’s spirit in every child, Enfagrow A+ Malaysia has come up with an interesting and a very well thought promotional set – The smart explorer set, comes in two colours. This set consists of:

  • A pair of binoculars
  • An insect hand strap container
  • A bugs jar
  • A pair of handy scooping scissors
  • A large tweezer with magnifying neck strap
  • A tool bag designed to fit the complete smart explorer set

Promotional Campaign Retailing as a set for MYR 72.90 (USD 24.07), this high perceived value on-pack promotion serves as a very good marketing to mothers and children who will go back and purchase all the collectibles to fill up their explorer tool bag.

Thumbs up to Enfagrow A+ Malaysia for such a brilliant marketing strategy – with promising repeat purchase of milk powder (due to the free gifts) and promotional gifts that link closely to their marketing campaign.

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