Behind the modern signboards are the custom neon signs that keep restaurants and bars well-lit. Though they’ve been “in” for decades, their top-star image has faded a little due to the LED and electronic banners. However, the industry continues to thrive, and they are coming back now as a really eye-catching and fashionable outdoor advertising.

custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs: How to Get the Best Out of Them?

This product is a true work of art. It makes use of glass tubings, not just a paint that glows in the dark. Apart from being a mere signage outside a restobar, you may utilize this creation for different purposes.

1. History Reminder

Below example by Jack Daniel’s whiskey is showing how the brand reminds the customers about their origination from Tennessee, the real cowboy states in North America: the hat-shaped lights on top of the logo.

custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs: How to Get the Best Out of Them?

This concept works as a stunning way to make people curious of its history. Though it does not give away too much information, the Stetson is hard to miss. Hence, the birthplace of Jack Daniel’s won’t be forgotten.

2. Call to Action

In the next picture, you’ll see the words “Let’s Go!” with a tree and car with the headlights on.

custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs: How to Get the Best Out of Them?

Using short and basic expressions like this one helps to create positive fun atmosphere in bar or club and appeal to action. If you position similar promotional display by the window, it can motivate folks to move inside the establishment.

3. Product Endorser

custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs: How to Get the Best Out of Them?

As you can see, the neon tubes can form almost anything. So why not making it in product shape – beer glass for example – as Guinness did. Despite being a decades-old craft beer, Draught remains to be one of the most successful products of Guinness. The target audiences love its familiar taste but also might need reminder for it during a night-out. Would work well for the new members of the mature market as well.

How to make custom neon signs?

Here is an image of the Guinness Draught sign when the batteries are not running.

custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs: How to Get the Best Out of Them?

The glass tubes transform into letters or other diagrams after a heating process. Once they match the design that the client looks for, the artists assemble them on a steel frame. Then, the wirings get tested to ensure the electricity will flow smoothly.

This kind of display suits an indoor setting since you have exposed cables. In case you need one for outdoor advertising, it should fit in a special acrylic case to protect the power accessories.

The Best Things Shining Out of Custom Neon Signs

  • Vintage. Bright signboards have been around since the 1920s. Due to its epic past, your new advertisement will still seem vintage. It can definitely attract the attention of middle- and old-aged friends who often went to such bars as well as the millennials, who will like the hipster look of neons.
  • Practical usage – neons can be installed easily inside the building, and also outside, simply by adding a protective transparent acrylic case to it, so that the rain and weather wouldn’t affect the electronics and battery pack.
  • Versatile. You can form anything with a customized signage. Hence, apart from restobars, the lights are suitable for drinks outdoor promos in various places.
custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs: How to Get the Best Out of Them?

To recap, the neon lighting will look amazing either inside or outside the establishment. It is a great way to capture the interest of consumers to what you’re marketing. It can even be a selfie spot for those who prefer to take photos without turning on the Flash feature.

Now, how do you feel about using custom neon signs for the business? Contact ODM to find out the best way to do that.

These case studies have something to do with lights as well:

When should I choose neon lights over LED lights?

Neon lights are usually used for signs and displays that are intended to suggest a vintage or classic look associated with the nature of the business. While LED lights might be a cheaper alternative with better light performance, neon lights are more commonly used to imply a retro image. Consider using neon signs if your customer demographics have an appeal for all-things hipster.

Are neon signs messy and will it be vulnerable to rain?

Neon signs are also applicable outdoors. Exposed wires and cables can be organized and secured from the rain by installing a protective acrylic casing - so that the internal cables and battery storage does not get affected by the weather.

What are the advantages of using Neon Lights?

In general, Neon lights are great because :

1. Appropriate for businesses that wants a hipster/retro/classic appeal

2. Warrants the attention of customers and can be displayed outdoors or indoors

3. It can be easily customized and transformed into different shapes and colors to suit the different needs of clients