Want to keep your love in a photograph but still amplify your love out loud? With this LED custom acrylic frame, it will certainly do the job! The design of the frame is very sleek and modern to today’s standard. Moreover, with a transparent frame, the LED lights can really outshine together with the image attached.


custom acrylic frame

custom acrylic frame

There are screws tightly secured to the frame! This definitely ensures that it will not fall off so easily. Hence, there is a sense of trust towards the item as it is a product of quality. It also reminds one of the custom acrylic led signs seen around brands. But as an employee or corporate gift, it sure gives off a personalized touch.

custom acrylic frame

custom acrylic frame

With Christmas around the corner, these LED light box sign are great items to leverage on the festive season! To reinforce finer brand remembrance, brands can use these to further attract attention.

custom acrylic frame

custom acrylic frame

What Makes This Custom Acrylic Frame Special And Exceptional?

  • Durable & Sustainable – The material acrylic has excellent optical clarity and is waterproof. Moreover, it is resistant to sunlight and a more flexible and shock resistant material than glass frames. Hence, with its strong features, it certainly increased the perceived value of the product!
  • Customisability – Being customizable means your brand has a higher advantage over competitors. The outer layer of the frame can be easily branded with a design with a logo or an artwork. Hence, with an extraordinary design, it can showcase brand image and company pride that employee upholds.
  • Functionality – A picture frame is able to hold memories of our loved ones. With this gift, it shows the abundance of appreciation towards their efforts as they are considered as a family to the company. Hence, it retains loyalty and trust towards the company and motivates them to work harder.

Areas of Improvements

  • Magnetic – Being a magnetic photo frame can enhance its use and increase the perceived value of product. This is because it allows users to put it up on the refrigerator or anywhere else magnetic. This shows how inventive companies can get to provide the best for their employees!


With much thought and consideration, a heartfelt thank you message can be conveyed through an employee gift pack for employees who have worked hard to contribute back to the company. At ODM, you can entrust us with any crazy ideas! Our dedicated team of designers at Mindsparkz can surely come up with something workable. Moreover, we have tremendous experience in manufacturing marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality promotional products for your next marketing campaign. Feel free to send us an inquiry today!

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